Time and Change

Time and fashion both have a cyclical nature; a way of repeating and recycling over the years, whilst things around them advance.  This collection is inspired by the theme of time and change, which is reflected in the template of Africa and where Nico Bosch started her life at the tip of the African continent.   The appreciation of the elements of nature above and below the ground are at the heart of where a chunk of her life was spent on mines, understanding the properties of minerals.  Telling an authentic story, her work and collections are inspired by interesting textures and elements, which bring together fashion, culture and style, combining them in a way that brings a fresh new look at classic fashion and diverse influences to reach something that is elegant and timeless.  Whether that inspiration is the 60’s style swimwear, occasional wear or bridalwear with a statement, it finds its place in this collection.  The choice of Zulu names and their powerful meanings has been a strong influence in this collection as it is one of the languages she speaks and part of her heritage – a part of her life which has strong meaning.  This collection is dedicated to her nephews Ryan and Pierre Bosch who, in their own lives, continue to show her the growth and prosperity that is exhibited through time and change.







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